Knowing that it is Saarstahl!

Millions of people use our steel on a daily basis. Some do so consciously, some unconsciously. What unites them all is their trust in the final product that they use. For this reason, we are firmly committed to confirming this trust day by day and always to deliver top quality. Then we are happy to hear our customers say, “Good that it is Saarstahl”.

An independent way of thinking and proximity to the customer

When the history of a company straddles several centuries then it is because it creates products that have the main aim of serving people. For this reason, we also put people first in our corporate culture. The company reveals its character in its dealings with employees, customers, suppliers and neighbours. This is also the key to our capacity for innovation: At Saarstahl, we are continuously improving products, processes and technology to achieve excellent quality and, at the same time, increasingly conserve resources.

Thinking ahead – with products, processes and service

Products from Saarstahl can be found everywhere, where the demands for quality, toughness and reliability are particularly high: in cars in the premium segment, in the aerospace industry, in wind turbines, in power plants, in ships, in bridges, in construction equipment, in mechanical engineering, production facilities and other building structures that people use. We succeed in delivering the recognized high performance that is in great demand, worldwide, because we also think about our customers' customers. This is what we mean by thinking ahead. And this is exactly where the dynamics that drive us forward can be found as we constantly strive for improvement and to extend our leading edge.