Spring steel

We supply the preliminary material for the manu­facture of suspension elements which ensure safe­ty and comfort in vehicles worldwide. In the deli­very variants wire rod or steel bar, Saarstahl spring steel is favoured in the production of cold or hot formed springs and stabilizers. Our steel is there­ fore used in

  • suspension springs
  • clutch springs
  • brake accumulator springs

Furthermore, we supply cylindrical and (bi)conical peeled bars. Our product range includes SiCr and Cr­steels (with and without V in each case). In ad­dition, in the stabilizer field, we supply wire rod based on AFP and carbon steels. For applications in the field of vehicle suspension springs, special grades with improved corrosion and toughness properties have been developed.


Dr. Barbara Ebel-Wolf

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Christine Cunz

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On request, material datasheets with more detailed information are available for some individual materials (e.g. time-temperature diagrams, tempering diagrams).