Whether upset, forged, rolled, hot or cold extruded – SBQ components are in constant use in the automotive industry and in mechanical engineering. For this purpose, the steels for these applications have to fulfill the highest demands regarding their quality and characteristics.

Among other applications, they are used in:

  • crank shafts
  • wheel hubs
  • connecting rods
  • drive shafts
  • pistons and piston pins

That is why quality at Saarstahl begins even before the start of production. True to the motto “Good to know that it is Saarstahl!”, our manufacturing and testing equipment are consistently suited to fulfilling the most stringent demands of our customers and our continuous quality inspections confirm the complete reliability of each product. Besides black rolled or peeled material types, among others, you can find the following types in our production range:

  • AFP steels
  • alloyed and non-alloyed constructional steels
  • case hardening steels
  • quenched and tempered steels
  • chain steels

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AFP steels

Alloyed constructional steels

Non-alloyed constructional steels

Case hardening steels

Quenched and tempered steels

Chain steels

On request, material datasheets with more detailed information are available for some individual materials (e.g. time-temperature diagrams, tempering diagrams).