Free cutting steel

We produce high­-quality free cutting steels for ex­acting customers worldwide as a preliminary ma­terial for drawing, peeling and lathe turning. Our range of grades includes

  • soft free cutting steel
  • quenched and tempered free cutting steel
  • case hardening free cutting steel

Individual requirement profiles can be fulfilled with our special variants. For special machining require­ments, soft free cutting steels with Bi, Te and Se are available as well as combinations of these (TeBi, SeBi).

For the highest demands regarding leak tightness such as is required in common rail diesel techno­logy and in steels for hydraulic components, HD steels (“pressure­tight qualities”) are on offer which are manufactured according to the strictest tole­rances in particular metallurgical processes.


Ulrich Hohloch

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Dominique Michaeli

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On request, material datasheets with more detailed information are available for some individual materials (e.g. time-temperature diagrams, tempering diagrams).