Innovation – Research and development

The area of Innovation is represented by the Research and Development department at Saarstahl. This area optimises existing processes and products and develops new processes and concepts. Driven forward by the requirements and creativity of our customers, we are motivated to shift the limits of what is possible. In doing so, we work closely with the production operations of Saarstahl AG, are in close contact with colleagues in Sales, Marketing and Quality Management, and exchange experiences with suppliers. First and foremost, however, we allow the experiences, ideas and wishes of our customers to flow into the innovation processes. The area of Innovation thus represents the whole process chain at Saarstahl – from developments and improvements in the steelmaking plant (liquid metallurgy and continuous casting), through the rolling mills and downstream aggregates (product optimization and process simulation) up to developing completely new grades of steel or working to improve surface coatings.

Initiatives and cooperation

The Innovation area at Saarstahl AG also participates in national and international development projects (RFCS, AiF, FOSTA etc.). Moreover, we cooperate with external research institutions and support students within the context of internships and final diploma theses (Bachelor, Master, dissertations).


Uwe Lilienthal

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