Sustainability all along the line
Unser Weg zu grünem Stahl hat viele Facetten.
Technology all along the line
means getting steel into shape intelligently and targeting.
Service all along the line
means being an ideal service partner and modern service provider at our clients' side.
Quality all along the line
It is the demand we set ourselves that our customers see “Made by Saarstahl” as a seal of quality.

Moving the world.

With its production locations in Völklingen, Burbach and Neunkirchen, Saarstahl AG is one of the most significant manufacturers of long products in the world.

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Latest press releases

Milestone achieved

First low-carbon steel from Saarstahl Ascoval arrives in Saarland

From the outside the steel ingots – known in the industry as steel billets – look like ordinary steel. But the delivery of these billets is a special first: the first delivery of low-carbon steel from Saarstahl Ascoval, the new Saarstahl subsidiary in the north of France (Saint-Saulve), has arrived at the Burbach works. There they are rolled into wire and delivered to the first customers in the construction industry.


Press Release

Dr. Klaus Richter appointed Chief Technology Officer of Saarstahl

The Supervisory Board of Saarstahl during its meeting today appointed Dr. Klaus Richter (61) as Member of the Board of Management for the Technology Division of Saarstahl with effect from 1 October 2021. Klaus Richter, who was for many years head of the company's steel works in Völklingen, has been a member of the Saarstahl Board of Management since 2013 and to date has been responsible for the Sales Division.


Press Release

Stability for the future – 20 years of Montan-Stiftung-Saar

The Montan-Stiftung-Saar foundation was established on 7 September 2001 as part of the “Saarland iron and steelworks solution”. The aim of the foundation was to reorganize the ownership structure of the steel industry in Saarland in order to secure the long-term sustainability of the companies and jobs in the industry. The foundation has been a guarantor for the stability of the Saarland steel industry since 2001. In line with the purpose of the foundation, it has also become an integral part of the Saarland university landscape as a supporter of education and science.


Overwhelming participation in the first joint fundraising campaign by SHS – Stahl-Holding-Saar, Saarstahl and Dillinger

“One hour for people in need” raises €520,000 in donations to benefit the SR/SWR flood disaster relief campaign

The devastating disaster caused by flooding in North Rhine-Westphalia and Rhineland-Palatinate has prompted not only profound sadness among employees of the SHS Group but also a strong will to donate to the cause. Many responded to the request from the Board of Management and Works Council and took part in the “One hour for people in need” campaign.


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