Corporate social responsibility at Saarstahl

Corporate Social Responsibility is of key importance to Saarstahl AG since many of the topics to which the public is especially sensitive, such as environmental protection or health and safety at work, are of special relevance to the group as a steel manufacturer. For many years now, Saarstahl AG has been committed to its environmental and social responsibility and, rather than seeing them as short-term measures, considers them as standards to be carried forward from generation to generation.

Corporate social responsibility

At Saarstahl AG, we are convinced that the long-term success of a company also integrates economical, ecological and social aspects. In doing so, we create added value for customers, employees, society, the environment and ultimately for the company. The Management Board of Saarstahl AG therefore commits itself to responsible action and behaviour. Saarstahl AG demands and promotes the integrity of its employees. Values and action in dealings with each other as well as with customers and business partners are manifested in the code of ethics of the SHS group to which Saarstahl AG also commits itself. The aim of this manifest is to prevent corruption and discrimination as well as protecting open competition and the upholding of human rights. The code of ethics thereby follows the principles of the UN Global Compact.


Dealings with employees and social commitment

We at Saarstahl know: our employees play a decisive in the company. For this reason, we see fair behaviour towards our employees that is based on partnership as a fundamental prerequisite of the long-term success of the company. Saarstahl AG would therefore like to offer its employees a working environment where everyone works safely, gladly and successfully. Health and safety at work therefore has the highest priority at Saarstahl AG. This is demonstrated by the comprehensive occupational safety measures which we are continuously extending. In addition, there is a company-wide health scheme. Furthermore, we offer our employees numerous possibilities for training and further training. Respect, dignity and fairness determine the dealings among employees at Saarstahl AG. Saarstahl AG promote reconciliation of working life and family and, together with qualified partners, it operates a childcare centre close to the company. Employee co-determination plays a special role in this commitment. We are convinced that open and transparent dialogue with employee organisations is the best way to continuously enhance the value of the company.

Environmental protection

There can be no economic activity and development without an effect on the environment and therefore also on nature. For this reason, Saarstahl is committed to comprehensive environmental protection. Our own environmental protection department is responsible for emission control and protection of water, waste management and recycling as well as for dangerous substances. In doing so, we not only ensure that environment-related regulations are adhered to, but also go one step further. At Saarstahl, production processes are further developed with regard to improvements in environmental protection and conservation of resources. This is highlighted by our continuous high levels of investments in environmental protection measures such as, for example, energy optimisation programmes. Simultaneously, we promote and support environmentally conscious behaviour and thinking in each individual employee.

Social commitment

Saarstahl AG is distinctly committed to its location. This expresses itself in that we promote and support of cultural engagement and, in addition, enter into partnerships and co-operations with scientific institutions.Our social commitment is not aimed at any particular target. For this reason, we are continuously extending our commitment with regard to CSR. Our employees, our customers and our suppliers are legitimately entitled to this.