2.7 million tonnes – Produced by our LD steelmaking plant per year

In the three 170-tonne LD converters and four continuous casting machines of the striking steelmaking plant, hot metal produced in its own blast furnaces is cast into steel billets or blooms. Thus around 800 employees produce up to 2.7 million tonnes of steel per year. The steel types range from basic grades, alloyed and non-alloy quality steels and high grade steels through cold heading steels, free-cutting steels and gauze wire to low carbon steel, welding wire, pre-stressing steel and stranding wire.

Computer-aided automation of production with state-of-the-art process control systems and programme-controlled processes ensure a high degree of reproducibility – one of the core requirements of our customers. Continuous investments in system configuration, such as recently in new secondary metallurgy, state-of-the-art production techniques and optimum flow of materials ensure reliable high quality e.g. regarding the degree of purity, surface finish, lack of internal cracks and segregation values.

  • Hot metal treatment

  • Induction furnaces

  • 3 170 t BOF converters

  • 2 Twin ladle furnaces

  • 2 RH degassers

  • 2 Bulk injections facilities

  • 2 Ladle treatment stations

  • 3 6-strand continuous caster

  • 1 5-strand continuous caster


Saarstahl LD-Stahlwerk